What do we do?

The Friends group supports the library in a variety of ways by . . .shlelves

  • Sponsoring speakers and special programs
  • Providing computers and printers for the library
  • Providing financial support for the special events
  • Providing funding for non-budgeted library needs
  • Sponsoring the Children’s Summer Reading Program

We look for new ideas.

One of our goals is to help the Germantown Community Library offer outstanding programs and services to its patrons.

We’re interested in your ideas!

What would you like to see in the way of speakers, programs or services to help further the library’s success?

How do we do it?

We raise money.

A number of years ago the Friends set a goal to donate $50,000 to help furnish the new library.

  • We sold brats and ice cream
  • We sold T-shirts and book bags
  • We raffled baskets of seasonal goodies
  • We applied for and received  grants

All of these efforts paid off. Prior to the opening of the new library, the Friends donated the final portion of our pledge of $50,000.

Since then we have provided:

  • Digital camera and docking station
  • Hanging picture rail display system
  • Additional tables, chairs and book shelving
  • Additional and upgraded computers
  • Contributions to “Lil Red” bronze statue
  • Financial support for the library summer children’s reading program
  • Funds for the Purchase Award Art Contest, which provides an original piece of art each year
  • Support for Lifelong Learning Starts Here campaign book and gift bags
  • Keurig coffee machine for use by book groups
  • Reference desk replacement printer
  • Materials for the 1000 Books