Holiday Basket/Book Sale

Just before each holiday gift giving season, the Friends provide theme gift baskets with books and related items, as well as book collections, autographed editions, classic old books, recently copyrighted newer used books and comic books. All of the books are donated by the public throughout the year, while the Friends volunteers add related items, assemble and gift wrap the baskets. We have something for everyone! The 2019 sale will begin Saturday, November 16, in conjunction with the annual Germantown Christmas Festival.

Some of the basket themes include:


Some of this year’s holiday baskets.
Sports Pets Inspiration Teacher books
Packers Cats Relaxation Sister books
Brewers Dogs Travel Tea Lovers
Bucks Dinosaurs Holiday Dad
Golf Baby Movie Night Mom
Bowling Wild Animals Star Wars Cooking/baking
Mysteries Children’s crafts Children’s science Romance stories

The 2019 Holiday Basket/Book Sale begins in conjunction with the Germantown Village Christmas Parade and tree lighting ceremony. Over 100 baskets, each gift wrapped, cover dozens of adult and children’s themes. The sale continues until January 1st.

Since 2010 the following amounts have been raised to supplement the Annual Book Sale, in support of the library:

  • 2010 $4,780
  • 2011 $4,826
  • 2012 $4,900
  • 2013 $4,233.25
  • 2014 $5,314.44
  • 2015 $5,351.67
  • 2016 $4,800
  • 2017 $4,816.85
  • 2018 $6,967.60